Mold Removal

Usually, mold can arise from numerous sources like water or flood damage, excessive humidity, or improper insulation. Our company, All American Cleaning and Restoration has been offering highly effective mold removal programs for more than 16 years. As soon as we arrive at your property we will supply you with a detailed estimate. We will properly examine the air humidity, moisture readings, and temperature in order to tailor a mold removal program that caters to your needs completely.

Mold Removal by All American Cleaning and Restoration

Once the mold is located we will target the bare source rather than the symptoms. The reason for that is that usually simply getting rid of the visible mold doesn’t solve the problem, but it only slows it down. Our mold removal teams are committed to finding the exact source of the parasite defiling your home!

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Our staff is highly educated and maintains multiple levels of certification and training directly through OSHA and other various training programs dedicated to radon-related and mold issues. That is why we can freely approach any situation, regardless of its complexity, and be able to eliminate the source of the contamination effectively. We have a proven track record throughout our area and all of our testimonials and references are available for you to check. If you are experiencing any problems of mold nature, please feel free to give us a call at any time of the day. With our 24/7 helpline and high-quality mold removal services, we got your needs covered!

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