Water Damage Restoration Service Tips

DIY Water Damage Restoration Tips for Your Home

Burst sewer lines, leaky pipes, and natural disasters can all leave your home severely damaged. If your property has been affected by water damage, it is critical to identify the cause and to act quickly to avoid any further destruction of your property. Below are a few water damage restoration service tips that you can try yourself.

Household water damage can be stressful to deal with, especially when it results in more problems further down the line. While repairs will often call for a professional’s help, there are a few DIY steps you can try that will limit the damage.

Disconnect Outlets

The first thing when you discover water damage is to unplug all your electronics right away. While you may not see how bad the water damage is right away, it is important to be cautious with appliances and gas lines.

Inspect Mold

Certain mold is toxic to people and can pose serious health risks. Mold can spread quickly once it has taken hold, so make sure to inspect for growth to prevent any health hazards. For minor issues, you can cut the affected area out, bag it, and dispose of it safely. However, when dealing with serious mold infestations, you must stop airflow to prevent contamination and call out a professional mold specialist. Often mold can appear on walls or floors, so it is important that this inspection remains ongoing throughout the restoration.

Dry Water Out

Before damage occurs, you must remove all moisture and dry the affected areas out. You can use the likes of fans or industrial dehumidifiers to circulate air and dry out carpets, wood, and other materials. While this will not prevent mold growth completely, properly drying out the area will help to reduce the damage.

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